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Dick's Drive-In

Dick’s Drive-In

When I go to Dick’s Drive-In, I usually have to do a double-take because I get the sensation I’m stuck in one of my parents’ stories about the Good Old Days. $2.40 for a deluxe burger? $1.90 for a milkshake? A suspicious look around me reveals hybrid cars in the parking lot and hipsters wearing skinny jeans and pecking away on their smartphones–must be the 21st century.

So how does Dick’s pull off that 50’s feel? Must be the bright orange neon, retro decor, and never-changing business model. You may not have a kid on roller skates glide over to your car to take your order, but you will get quick service and good n’ greasy food. You’ll probably leave with a couple new friends, too. People tend to bond while waiting in line–it somehow seems OK in this atmosphere.

With 5 locations to choose from, your very own time-travel journey can start today. Soon you’ll be saying things like, “Cool it, pops” and “Hey, Daddy-O”. It’s swell!