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Corn Maze at The Farm in Snohomish

Corn Maze at The Farm

Ever wanted to do a tour of all of Washington in under an hour? It’s totally feasible at The Farm up in Snohomish. Every year, they craft a corn maze (a maize maze?) to replicate a road map of the state, and your goal is visit different landmarks to find facts. With 12 acres and over 4 miles of paths to explore, you can really devote yourself to learning some geography. If necessary, there are emergency exits, but using one will earn you the label of “Corn Flake”–total humiliation.

Other attractions include hay rides, pumpkin patches, a petting zoo, mini golf, and lots of picnic spots. Young children are in heaven, parents have a whole days’ worth of entertainment at their fingertips, and even young couples can have a sweet little date (and maybe sneak a few smooches amongst the corn stalks).

Hurry–it’s only open until the end of October!

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