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Blue C Sushi Conveyor Belt

Conveyor Belt Sushi

Sushi restaurants are a dime a dozen around here, but there’s only one company that does the Kaiten Style well–Blue C Sushi.

Now, you’re probably thinking, “What is Kaiten-style sushi?”

To put it simply, it’s a kitchen/preparation area surrounded by a small conveyor belt. Sushi masters prepare dishes and set them on the belt, which then travels past all of the tables in the restaurant. When you see something you want, you just pluck it off and enjoy! When you’ve had your fill, the waitress will tally up the number of plates you devoured and charge you accordingly. Different color plates siginify different prices for the items. Don’t see what you want on the conveyor belt? Ask the chefs and they’ll prepare the missing item and send it your way.

The great thing about Blue C is that it’s always busy (so you know the sushi is fresh), they have a great happy hour menu (not to mention how their delightfully cheap regular prices), and the atmosphere has a slightly fancy feel (unlike the “true” Kaiten cafeterias in Japan).

Warning: Their reasonable prices and the constant stream of sushi rotating by may result in sushi gorging. If you are a sushi eating champ, you can even enter the official Blue C Sushi Easting Competition!

Oh yeah, and did I mention the cream puffs?