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Cloud City Coffee: Seattle Things to Do #152

Rain City, Cloud City…these nicknames make Seattle sound pretty depressing, but you’ll be anything but gloomy at Cloud City Coffee in the Maple Leaf neighborhood. Their 50’s-style road sign beckons you into a cozy space, which is well-stocked with mismatched tables and comfy couches. They serve locally-roasted espresso, taking the extra time to add a nice fern leaf or heart to your latte’s foam, and a plethora of teas. If you’re just craving a quick drip coffee, visit the “honor bar” where you just drop your money in a jar and serve yourself without even standing in line.

You won’t go hungry here, either; pastries and yummies made in-house and served on a rotating schedule something different to try every day. If you want something more substantial, grab some oatmeal with self-serve toppings like fruit and nuts, or come for lunch and order a hearty sandwich with pulled pork or the classic PB & J.

For the days when it’s not cloudy, a large garage door stands ready to be opened, and a soft-serve ice cream machine is prepped for a cool treat. (Oh, who are we kidding, if Seattleites saved ice cream for a sunny day, parlors would quickly go extinct around here!)

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