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Cinerama Film Festival

Cinerama Film Festival

Movie buffs in Seattle are probably familiar with the Cinerama theater, arguably the best screen in town. But most of what is shown there is modern 35mm films on the giant 68ft screen. But rarely do you have a chance to see the full Cinerama experience, with a 90 ft curved screen powered by three projectors. Don’t miss your chance.

The Cinerama Film Festival is going to feature two weeks of classic films on rarely seen 70mm prints, along with two of only seven movies ever produced for Cinerama’s 3-projector technology. The two 3-strip Cinerama flicks are This is Cinerama and How the West Was Won, and the 70mm showings will feature 13 classsic movies like The Sound of Music, Lawrence of Arabia, 2001: A Space Odyssey and Tron.

The festival opens on September 30, 2011, and runs through October 16. You can download the movie schedule here.

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