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cheese wizards wizard wagon

Cheese Wizards Grilled Cheese Wagon

For the record, I despised grilled cheese (and all cheese foods) as a child. Definitely more of a PB&J kinda kid. That all changed when I grew up, and happily I now live close by the Cheese Wizards, a Seattle food truck that specializes in a variety of gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches.

These cheese specialists dish out grilled cheese from the Wizard Wagon, a custom truck shaped like a block of cheese. The menu is decidedly snarky with sandwiches like the Voldemortadella and Holy Hand Grenade. Be sure to finish it off with a Happy Ending. (minds out of the gutter people, check out the menu!)

The Cheese Wizards hang out in Queen Anne, Ballard and Wallingford on a regular basis. You should check their locator to see where they’ll be on a particular day.