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Capitol Hill Farmer's Market

Capitol Hill Farmer’s Market

There are many neighborhoods in Seattle that host weekly farmer’s markets. Only a few of them are year-round, but the one on Capitol Hill is pretty close. On Sundays from May to December (11 am to 3 pm), you can stock up on produce, breads, dairy, and meat products from local farms. 

The vendors are happy to chat you up about your favorite breed of apple (not to mention give you a taste) or give you information about how their products make it from the farm to your table.

If you can’t wait to get home before you eat, you can also score treats that are immediately ready for your mouth–smoothies, ice cream, soups, and grilled veggies to name a few. Throw in some live music and a quick cooking demonstration, and you’ve got the recipe for a delightful afternoon!

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