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Avatar-The Exhibition

Avatar: The Exhibition

Fans of the movie Avatar will want to head on over to Seattle’s Experience Music Project|Science Fiction Museum this summer for Avatar: The Exhibition. Featuring authentic props and costumes, interactive displays, concept models and sketches from the blockbuster film. Here is some of the cool stuff they’ll have on display.

  • Artifacts and props used in the film — including the full size AMP (Armored Mobility Platform) suit.
  • Hand-made models of Na’vi characters and their wardrobes.
  • Dynamic interactives demonstrating motion capture and 3D technologies.
  • In depth looks into the creation of the world of Pandora, revealing the science of the universe, the creatures, the plants and origins of Na’vi culture.

The exhibit opens on June 4, 2011 and will run until September 3, 2012.