Shoreline is Seattle’s closest neighbor to the north. In fact, the two are basically grown together with no physical or geographical barrier in between. For that reason, Shoreline is appealing for commuters and anyone who wants to claim “North Seattle” as their home.


The first homesteads appeared here in the 1880s. Trees were cleared, farms were set up, and the residents used boats to float their goods south to Seattle through Puget Sound. When a rail line was constructed in 1888, business grew. More people bought property, many who liked the easy access to Seattle, and others with the sole purpose of vacationing in Shoreline. Places like Echo Lake and Playland, an amusement park, attracted visitors from all over the region. Today, Shoreline has transitioned from a rural community to a highly populated sleeper community with 14 of its own neighborhoods.

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Shoreline still takes pride in its recreation activities and boasts over 330 acres of parks and open space. The Richmond Beach Saltwater Park, for example, gives access to Puget Sound and has a sandy beach—pretty rare in this area. Boeing Creek Park is more wooded, with hiking trails and a nice—you guessed it—creek to admire. And if you prefer more wide-open spaces with manicured playfields, check out Hamlin Park which has recently undergone renovations to spruce things up a bit. If you’re into history, check out the Shoreline Historical Museum to learn about the region’s beginnings and how it has changed through the ages. You can also visit the exhibit about the once-famous Playland amusement park. Best of all, entrance is free! Another historical landmark is the Crest Theater, part of the Landmark theater group. This place was built in 1949 and has been showing movies ever since. And, keeping with the money-saving aspect in Shoreline, all shows are only three bucks! If a meal is what you need, there are a few must-tries in Shoreline. Everyone gushes about the sandwiches at Grinders, and Hill’s Neighborhood Restaurant is a slightly fancier option near Richmond Beach. There are also about a gazillion options on Highway 99; we recommend just taking a drive through and seeing what catches your fancy!

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