Located on the eastern shore of Lake Sammamish, the town of Sammamish is one of Seattle’s most distant suburbs. Its close proximity to the opportunities held in Redmond and Bellevue, however, make it an ideal spot for people who work on the east side.


Sammamish has somewhat of an obscure history. It began as a subdivision of the Inglewood community, which itself was tiny and took many years to establish itself on the map. The main industry was the shingle mill business, whose growth caused the community to develop simultaneously. Once all of the timber ran out in the 1920s, however, the town slid back into obscurity. It wasn’t until the boom that brought businesses to Redmond and Bellevue that Sammamish became an attractive place to settle once again.

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The heart of this suburb lies along 228th Ave where you’ll find several shopping spots – including the Saffron Center, a newly constructed complex with all kinds of shops and restaurants. Some of the most popular places include Ristorante Simone, Sammamish Café, and the brand-new Yo Plateau, one of those newfangled self-serve frozen yogurt shops. And it’s on the Sammamish Plateau…get it?? Sammamish has two truly great parks to visit. Lake Sammamish State Park is on the southern tip of Lake Sammamish and offers both water and land activities. A blue heron rookery and acres of wetland and forest provide tons of wildlife viewing opportunities, and humans can do their own natural activities like play softball and go on picnics. Beaver Lake Park, farther west, may be smaller but has all of the same amenities, not to mention that it’s free to park there!

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