Newcastle is aptly named, considering that it is one of the most recently incorporated cities in the greater Seattle area. And, even though there aren’t technically any castles there, being made of the same mold as Bellevue and Renton means that the houses aren’t too shabby.


The town of Newcastle began as an unincorporated community known as Newport Hills. Residents had Bellevue or Renton addresses and sent their children to schools in nearby cities. But when Bellevue started the process of annexing the community in 1991, its members resisted. After much petitioning and legislation, Newport Hills became its own city in 1994 and changed its name to Newcastle, taken from the name of a coal mining community that had been there in years past.

 Neighborhood Photos


The Golf Club at Newcastle might be worth joining, with its commanding views of downtown Seattle & Bellevue and fancy restaurants and events. Or, for some free out-of-door activities, check out Newcastle Beach or Coal Creek Park, both of which may *technically* be in Bellevue, but are still way worth a visit.

 Activities and Attractions

The business district in Newcastle is centered along Coal Creek Parkway. Here, you can find old standbys like Starbucks and Quiznos, as well as more unique places. Try Tapatio Mexican Grill for a family-owned authentic Mexican dinner, Yea’s Wok for some of the yummiest Chinese in the area, or try Sweet Decadence Chocolates for a drink and dessert.

 Homes in Newcastle

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