This neighborhood of Kirkland didn’t become part of the city until the late 1960s, almost 100 years after it got its start. It is known for its charming, spacious houses and is conveniently located near area highways and thoroughfares to get you where you need to go.


Houghton was actually on the map before Kirkland itself. Settlers came here to enjoy the shores of Lake Washington and try their hand at farming. Soon, the need for transportation across Lake Washington led to the development of a successful shipbuilding industry. When Kirkland tried to annex the town after World War II, Houghton residents fought back. They didn’t like the way Kirkland planned on cluttering up the bay. It wasn’t until 1968 that Houghton finally agreed to become part of Kirkland when a law was passed that said they could have their own community council. Today, the neighborhood still has a strong voice in the city itself.

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 Activities and Attractions

While Houghton is largely residential, it does have several attractions to note. As with most Kirkland communities, waterfront activities and parks are easy to come by. Houghton Beach Park is great for wading or swimming, playing beach volleyball, or picnicking. The kids will love the play area and its pirate-boat themed equipment. Up the hill is the larger Watershed Park, which offers hiking trails. There is a small business district around the intersection of 108th Avenue and 68th Street. Its amenities include a Metropolitan Market, a Sarducci’s Sub Shop, Teriyaki Madness, Shamiana—an Indian/Pakistani place, and a taco truck (Tacos El Guero) – the mark of any great neighborhood!

 Homes in Houghton, Kirkland

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