This northwest Seattle suburb has gorgeous views of Puget Sound and one of the most charming little business districts you can find. Its ferry terminal provides an easy jump-off point to the San Juan Islands, and with Highway 99 and I-5 nearby, commuting into the city is a breeze.


George Brackett, who was paddling by one day and liked the look of the hillside, was the original settler of Edmonds. He immediately cleared some land and started work on creating a town. Other settlers came and started their own businesses, and soon there was a booming timber industry. In 1923, the city acquired an automobile ferry, which would become a major factor in the development of the community. The population remained relatively low throughout the middle of the 20th century, as many people still ran their own farms. After World War II, however, another big growth spurt happened. Housing developments were built and Edmonds Community College opened its doors. Today, Edmonds still has that small-town feel while still being one of the most populated cities in the state.

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Along the waterfront, there are many parks to enjoy. Marina Beach Park is a great spot to fly a kite or take a low tide walk to admire the underwater life in Puget Sound. If you really like going underwater, try Brackett’s Landing, which has an underwater park for scuba divers to enjoy. We figure this is exactly what George Brackett had in mind when he first beached his canoe on the sandy shores of Edmonds. Once you tire of the water, head uphill to downtown Edmonds. It’s full of unique little shops and restaurants; you won’t find any chains here. From jewelers to candy shops and taco trucks to new age bistros, there is enough to keep your shopping itch scratched and your tummy full. Walnut Street Coffee is a great meeting place before you start your whirlwind tour of downtown. Then, window shop at places like Teri’s Toybox, Edmond’s Bookshop, Saetia for clothing and gift options, or pop into Rick Steves’ travel shop to plan your next vacation. Later, grab dinner at La Galleria followed by drinks at The Winged Pig. Up in the ‘highlands,’ newer development abounds. Here, along Highway 99, you’ll find an endless string of restaurants from every nation. And, even though Playland is long gone, there are two establishments that come close. Whirlyball combines bumper cars, a whiffleball, and a banana-shaped scoop used for throwing the ball into a goal. They supply the referees and equipment; all you have to do is convince 9 of your friends to come with you. For something a little ‘safer,’ head to Family Fun Center for mini golf, small carnival rides, laser tag, batting cages…even a ropes course. OK, so maybe this place isn’t that much safer, but there are more options of things to do!

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