Located just west of Interstate 405, Bothell is a great community for commuters and people looking for affordable housing options.


This city got its start as a logging and farming community, appealing for its meandering Sammamish River and natural beauty. In 1885, David Bothell bought some land and constructed the Bothell Hotel, and soon the surrounding community took his name. A few short years later, the railroad came through, connecting Seattle, Bothell, and Issaquah. This was good for business, and the population spiked. And when the automobile became popular in the 1920s, more and more people moved to Bothell because they could live there and still easily commute to their jobs in Seattle or Everett. Since then, Bothell has grown steadily and remains one of the most popular Seattle suburbs.

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In the past few years or so, there has been a big push in Bothell to revitalize its downtown area, both to celebrate the community’s past and keep up with the changing times. Now called ‘Bothell Landing,’ this area is full of shops, restaurants, spas, and public spaces. The Park at Bothell Landing is one of the main attractions, offering trails, a playground, a viewpoint on the river, and an amphitheater that hosts community events. You’ll also have access to the Sammamish River Trail, a ten-mile paved walkway that is great for biking and jogging. Many of the businesses in the downtown area have that great family-owned been-here-forever feel, like Hillcrest Bakery, which has been concocting Dutch and European goodies since 1965, or the Ranch Drive-In that has everything you’d expect from a drive-in: delicious burgers, crinkle-cut fries, and handmade malts. The Country Village is a quaint shopping center that features shops and boutiques, rides on a mini train, a farmer’s market in the summer months, and art, music, and dance classes. Heck, you can even hold your wedding there!

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