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macklemore sesame street

Macklemore on Sesame Street

OK. This isn’t actually something fun to do in Seattle, but our hometown Macklemore rapping with the Grouches on Sesame Street is too fun not to share! This is gross and awesome!  Read More 
36 hours in Seattle

Video: 36 Hours in Seattle

Whether you are thinking of visiting Seattle or you already live here, you’ll enjoy the video that the New York Times put together called 36 Hours in Seattle. Without further ado, enjoy..  Read More 
Amazing time-lapse videos of Seattle

Amazing time-lapse videos of Seattle

If you live in Seattle, you probably don’t need a reminder of how beautiful the Emerald City is, but the photographers at F-Stop Seattle have put together a couple of amazing time-lapse videos that you will love.  Read More 
The Old Red Brick Road

The Old Red Brick Road in Redmond

Just outside of suburban Redmond, you’ll come across a mile-long stretch of road that is paved in red bricks. This isn’t some lazy road management by King County, rather it is a historical landmark known as The Old Red Brick Road, part of a highway that stretched from Seattle to Boston in the early 20th …  Read More 
Flying Heritage Collection

Flying Heritage Collection

There is no shortage of attractions in Seattle for aviation buffs. One of the best is the Flying Heritage Collection at Paine Field in Everett, showcasing WWII-era military planes from various nations, all restored to flying condition.  Read More 
Filbert Waffle - Toast Ballard

Toast Ballard

Looking for artisan toast & waffles? Look no further than Toast, a coffee, beer, wine and waffles cafe in Ballard.  Read More 
Trick out your devices and social media pages with 12th Man goodies

Trick out your devices and social media pages with 12th Man goodies

I’m guessing we’ve got a fair number of 12th Man readers. While you are prepping for the big game, don’t forget to trick out your phone, computer and social media profiles. Our friends over at GeekWire posted some links to sweet Seahawks photos. Check it out and Go Hawks! Show your Seahawks 12th Man pride …  Read More