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Giant Snail

Low Tide Walk

Puget Sound is home to some truly fascinating water-dwellers, and they’re not as hard to see as you might think. If you don’t mind getting your feet wet in some truly cold water, that is.  Read More 
Kayaks in Lake Union

Kayak Excursion

Did you know that some Seattleites love the sport so much, they’ve been known to commute to work via kayak? It’s true! But we’re guessing the average person is not quite so keen on that idea.  Read More 
Snoqualmie Falls

Snoqualmie Falls

Just a little over 30 minutes east of Seattle is one of the area’s most popular scenic attractions, Snoqualmie Falls. The waterfall on the Snoqualmie River is 268 ft tall, and gained a sort of cult status for its mention in the television series Twin Peaks. Most of the river is diverted here into the …  Read More 
Bald Eagle

See a Bald Eagle On Your Way To Work

There are many resident bald eagles that call Seattle their home. Bald Eagles make regular appearances at the Arboretum, Green Lake, and Seward Park for instance. On any given morning, you will likely spot this majestic bird watching the show from his perch high above the Highway 520 bridge. Is he searching for breakfast, or …  Read More 
Blackberry Cobbler

Blackberry Picking

They’re ripe, people! The lowly blackberry, thorny bane of gardeners throughout the Northwest, provides one of the tastiest summer-time treats! Time to head out to the nearest berry farm, local hiking trail, or just plain roadside bramble and get yourself some fresh fruit.  Read More 
Orca Whale

Whale Watching Tour

Whale watching is cool for precisely two reasons: You can see Orcas in their natural habitat, learn about their migration patterns and eating habits, and watch them do their fancy dances in and out of the water. Even on the nicest day, you’re in for some chilly breezes.  Read More 
Washington Park Arboretum

Washington Park Arboretum

Smack dab in the middle of Seattle is the Washington Park Arboretum, a 230 acre botanical reserve managed by the University of Washington and the City of Seattle. The horticulturalists among us will say that an arboretum is living outdoor museum for the “cultivation, care and study of plants.” We just think it is a …  Read More 

Watch Orcas Play

OK – so this isn’t something you can necessarily PLAN to DO, but isn’t it cool that these amazing animals live in our own backyard? Check out this video from SkyKING of King5 news. These Orcas were spotted playing in the waters between Fauntleroy and Vashon Island last week. To learn more about Orca Whales, visit Orca …  Read More 
Audobon bird count

Audubon Society Christmas Bird Count

Looking for a new holiday tradition?  Join thousands of people across the country in The Audubon Society’s 111th Annual Christmas Bird Count.   Although usually on the last Saturday in December, this year the Seattle area Christmas Bird Count (CBC) will be held on January 1, 2011.  Audubon bird experts will lead teams of volunteers …  Read More 
Seward Park Owl Prowl

Seward Park Owl Prowl

Who, Who loves owls? If you do – plan to join up at one of Seward Park’s monthly owl walks. The event starts with a quick lesson, some (children’s) book readings and games, and then play “spot the mouse claw” in a pellet dissection. Then the real fun begins: a nocturnal 2-mile prowl into the …  Read More