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Swedish Cultural Center - Seattle

Swedish Pancake Breakfast

Seattle was settled by a large number of Scandinavian immigrants, and you’ll still find their influence in many areas of the city.  Read More 
Dick's Drive-In

Dick’s Drive-In

When I go to Dick’s Drive-In, I usually have to do a double-take because I get the sensation I’m stuck in one of my parents’ stories about the Good Old Days. $2.40 for a deluxe burger? $1.90 for a milkshake? A suspicious look around me reveals hybrid cars in the parking lot and hipsters wearing …  Read More 
Husky Deli

Husky Deli

West Seattle’s “junction” (the area near the intersection of California and Alaska) has a plethora of cool spots, but The Husky Deli should be at the top of your list of places to try.  Read More 
1 pancake + one egg (any style) + trip to the toppings bar by jslander, on Flickr">

Portage Bay Cafe

Raise your hand if you like pancakes and/or French toast. If you like fresh fruit and/or whipped cream, place your other hand on your heart. If you enjoy strong, fair-trade coffee and/or fresh-squeezed juices, stand up. And if you are dedicated to eating locally-grown, healthy foods, repeat after me: “I hereby solemnly swear that will …  Read More 
Paseo's Cuban Roast

Paseo Caribbean Restaurant

Sandwich connoisseurs beware, Paseo’s Cuban roast sandwich will bring out your obsessive tendencies. Loaded with pork, onions, lettuce, jalapenos, garlic and mayo on a crispy baguette roll, this sloppy mess has many Seattleites addicted. Some may even say that Paseo’s pork-goodness turns the uninitiated into raving lunatics! It’s even been getting TV coverage lately, with …  Read More 
Mighty-O Donuts

Mighty-O Donuts

You may not have driven by Mighty O Donuts, considering how it’s stashed away in the elusive Tangletown neighborhood of north Seattle, but chances are you’ve heard of them. As far as donut places go, this is the cream of the crop–they use only organic ingredients, plus all of their pastries are trans-fat free and …  Read More 
Fishermens Terminal - Seattle

Fishermen’s Terminal

Just west of the Ballard Bridge in Seattle is Fishermen’s Terminal, home to a large fleet of commercial fishing vessels that regularly ply the waters of the Puget Sound and Alaska. The marina is popular with ocean-going boats, as it provides a calm, fresh-water port and is right outside of downtown Seattle. If you are …  Read More 
Seattle's Best Reuben

Seattle’s Best Reuben

Smack-dab on top of Queen Anne hill lies the Hilltop Ale House, which boasts to have “Seattle’s Best Reuben”. Well, when you see a claim like that on the menu, plus a newspaper clipping on the wall to prove it, you have to try it for yourself.  Read More 
Blue C Sushi Conveyor Belt

Conveyor Belt Sushi

Sushi restaurants are a dime a dozen around here, but there’s only one company that does the Kaiten Style well–Blue C Sushi.  Read More 
Bars of chocolate wait to be packaged at Theo Chocolate in Fremont, Seattle.

Theo Chocolate

As kids, you may have read Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and fantasized about getting that golden ticket to visit Willy Wonka at his chocolate factory. While we are pretty sure that there are no employees named Wonka, and there are no Oompa-Loompas singing and dancing, you can fulfill your childhood chocolate factory fantasies at …  Read More