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Woodstick 2010 – Seattle Things to Do #74

Distinctively less “hippie” than a similarly named event, Woodstick 2010 promises a thumpin’ day of drumming clinics and workshops, drum solo performances, AND a competition for the World Record of most drummers performing simultaneously (there are 15 events across the US)! On top of all that, they are fundraising for a couple of pretty cool …  Read More 
Life Through the Rearview Mirror

Life Through the Rearview Mirror Book Launch

If you have lived in Seattle for any length of time, you will remember the iconic pink “Toe Truck.” Ed Lincoln, the creator of the Pink Toe Truck and owner of Lincoln Towing and numerous other businesses just wrote a book about the truck and his remarkable tales of risk and failure throughout his life.  Read More 
Seattle Auto Show

Seattle Auto Show

The Seattle Auto Show has a little something for everyone – all the new makes and models from each car manufacturer in one place, knowledgable reps from all the car companies (who aren’t sales-y), a small exhibit from the LeMay Museum, and excellent people watching.  Read More 
Steamcon II

Steamcon II

Do you own a closet full of Victorian-era clothing? Do you fantasize about an alternative history where steam power is still widely used? Then the Steamcon II convention this week in Seattle is for you.  Read More 
Urban Craft Uprising

Urban Craft Uprising

Crafters, unite! It’s time yet again for the Urban Craft Uprising held at the Seattle Center. As the name would suggest, this ain’t your Granny’s craft fair–we’re talking the most unique, highest quality, and trendiest crafts for all ages. They’ve got it all: jewelry, clothing, lotions and potions, housewares, children’s toys, bags, and paper goods. …  Read More 
Cookie Monster


“C” is for cookie that’s good enough for me! CookieFest, Seattle’s largest bake sale, is back to celebrate the holiday season. Thousands of cookies are donated by 25 of the city’s best bakeries, restaurants, caterers and hotels and are offered for sale to benefit the Seattle Milk Fund.  Read More 
Sakura-Con cosplay

Sakura-Con 2011

Fans of Anime (Japanese Animation) will converge upon Seattle from April 22-24, 2011 for the annual Sakura-Con 2011. Started in 1998 as a small party for anime fans in Tukwila, Washington, Sakura-Con has become a gigantic convention attracting anime and manga (comics) fans from around the country and around the world.  Read More 
Cartoon Sugar Bowl

Cartoon Sugar Bowl

When was the last time you woke up on a Saturday morning, stayed in your footie pajamas and gorged on cereal while watching your favorite cartoons? We all did it when we were kids, and this Saturday, you have a chance to relive those memories at Central Cinema in Capitol Hill.  Read More 
Windermere Cup

Windermere Cup 2011

Hard to believe, given our winter-like weather so far in April, but next Saturday marks the opening of boating season and the 25th annual Windermere Cup races.  Read More 
Seattle Beer Week

Seattle Beer Week 2011

I will let you in on a little secret. I like beer! I’m guessing some of you do too, which is why you will all be excited that Seattle Beer Week starts today and runs for 10 days through May 29. (Yes, beer drinkers operate on a 10-day week, rather than the conventional 7 days.)  Read More