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Ferry in front of downtown Seattle

Ride a Ferry

Seattle has the largest ferry system in the United States, carrying over 23 million riders and 10 million cars back and forth across Puget Sound each year. Many people use the ferries as part of their daily commute to work, which is definitely a relaxing alternative to traffic gridlock that landlubbers face in most cities. …  Read More 
Alaskan Way Viaduct

Alaskan Way Viaduct

When the Alaskan Way Viaduct was built in the 1950’s, it offered a state-of-the art solution to the city’s traffic problems. Since then, it has lost its glow and is set to be replaced by a tunnel in the near future. Whether you love that idea or hate it, you should take some time to …  Read More 
Bald Eagle

See a Bald Eagle On Your Way To Work

There are many resident bald eagles that call Seattle their home. Bald Eagles make regular appearances at the Arboretum, Green Lake, and Seward Park for instance. On any given morning, you will likely spot this majestic bird watching the show from his perch high above the Highway 520 bridge. Is he searching for breakfast, or …  Read More 
Kenmore Air Seaplane

Fly in a Seaplane

Water, mountains and islands dominate the Puget Sound landscape. There are a lot of ways to tour the area by vehicle or boat, but nothing gives you the unique perspective of checking out the area on a seaplane. Check out the amazing sights of Seattle from above in a low-flying plane, plus you get the added …  Read More 
King County Water Taxi

Ride on a Water Taxi

Riding a taxi in a big city hardly qualifies as a “cool thing to do,” but Seattle has one of the most unique taxi services you will find, and it is definitely worth the trip. King County runs two water taxis that take commuters and visitors back and forth between West Seattle, Vashon Island and …  Read More 
Link Light Rail

Travel by Light Rail

 We talked about going back in time with our Dick’s Drive-In post. Now it’s time to clue you in on how to feel like you’re in an episode of The Jetsons: ride the light rail.  Read More 
Seattle Monorail

Seattle Monorail

Seattle’s most unique and iconic form of transit, the Seattle Monorail, whisks riders from the Space Needle in Seattle Center to the Westlake Center Mall in downtown Seattle. Built for the 1962 Seattle World’s Fair to provide a link between the fairgrounds and downtown Seattle, the once futuristic mode of transport has become a major …  Read More 
Seattle Cycling Tours

Seattle Cycling Tours

There is a lot to explore in Seattle, and rather than see it from the back of a bus or cab, how about exploring on a bicycle? Seattle Cycling Tours offers daily tours of historic Seattle, exploring places like Pike Place Market, Pioneer Square, the Waterfront and Seattle Center. All you need to do is …  Read More 
Alaskan Way Viaduct

Viaduct Demolition Walk

The demolition of Seattle’s Alaskan Way Viaduct starts tomorrow, and they are giving the public a last chance to walk the Viaduct while watching demolition tomorrow, October 22.  Read More 
Fly Direct to Dubai

Fly Direct to Dubai

Starting March 1, Air Emirates began non-stop service from Seattle to Dubai. Ever want to travel to Dubai? Now you can hop on a plane at 5:00 PM and after a quick 15 hour flight, you will arrive the next day at 7:40 PM local time.  Read More