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Since the early days in Seattle, Madison Park has been a destination for anyone who wants to enjoy a picturesque and chic place to spend the day. Today, the whole neighborhood has the same reputation.


The Duwamish tribe native to the area once used this area as their summer hunting and recreation area, and it didn’t take long for white settlers to follow suit. Within decades of the city’s foundation, Madison Park was created and drew vacationers with piers and a promenade, a boathouse, live entertainment, and even Seattle’s first baseball diamond. Once Madison Avenue was constructed and people could easily make their way to the area, houses were built like mad; everyone wanted their own personal view of Lake Washington. Today, a charming business district and the still-popular Madison Park beach are the pride of the neighborhood.

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Who Lives Here?

Power Singles - High-income urban singles.
Highly educated professionals, many with advanced degrees. They draw a handsome salary and have reasonable living expenses while living a hip, upscale life in an urban center.
Golden Years - Seniors over 65 who live in the city.
Most own their own home and have a low to moderate income. Most have a high school education or lower, while some have a college education.
High $$ DINKs - Urban high-income couples with no children.
Middle-age Dual Income No Kids couples living in the city and making very comfortable combined household incomes. Most own their own homes and are highly educated professionals, many with advanced degrees.
Madison Park Seattle
Median Household Income $75,034 $45,736
Owners/Renters 58%/42% 48%/52%
Median Age 44 37
Single Males 13% 23%
Single Females 17% 19%
Homes With Kids 16% 18%
Household Size 1.9 2.1
Commute Time 24 min 27 min


It’s hard not to feel a little fancier when you’re hanging out in Madison Park. The houses are beautiful, the shops and restaurants are classy and unique, and it’s far enough away from the city to make it seem like you’ve really gotten away on vacation. It’s also clear that the community is a supportive one; there are always events going on to honor local artists or give a nod to new businesses that have set up shop.

 Activities and Attractions

At the east end of Madison Avenue, you can find several blocks’ worth of shops, restaurants, and spas. You’d have to go back several times to get an appreciation of the variety of cuisines; there are French bistros (like Chef in the Hat), sushi bars like Nishino, a handful of pubs and alehouses, one amazing Tex-Mex place called Cactus, and a smattering of other staples, like pizza and Thai food. Madison Park Beach and the Washington Park Arboretum both offer great outdoorsy activities, like swimming, kayaking, hiking, or just stopping to smell the roses. Or, as in the case of the arboretum, the rhododendrons.

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