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True or False: Green Lake is a lake in Seattle.

If you answered ‘True’, then you’re partly correct, but you have a lot to learn. Green Lake is way more than just a body of water, it’s a whole neighborhood!


Pioneers first settled at Green Lake in the 1860’s, and the area was annexed into Seattle in 1891. The water level was lowered in 1911 to form more park space, cutting off the water inflow and outflow routes. Now it is fed only by rain water and Seattle’s water supply. There is also a constant battle to keep the native algae from taking over (hence the name of the lake, by the way).

Because of its close proximity to downtown Seattle and the great number of things to do there, Green Lake is a highly popular neighborhood. In the past 15 years or so there has been a great deal of development–new condos and town homes, remodeling of houses, and many new businesses.

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Who Lives Here?

Power Singles - High-income urban singles.
Highly educated professionals, many with advanced degrees. They draw a handsome salary and have reasonable living expenses while living a hip, upscale life in an urban center.
Comfy Couples - Upper-class couples.
Urban couples making a mid- to upper-scale household income. Most own their own homes. Some have a college education and work in a variety of occupations, including management-level positions.
Bright Lights, Big City - Very mobile singles living in the city.
Singles ranging in age from early 20s to mid-40s who have moved to an urban setting. Most rent their apartment or condo. Some have a college education and work in services and the professional sector.
Green Lake Seattle
Median Household Income $55,194 $45,736
Owners/Renters 47%/53% 48%/52%
Median Age 37 37
Single Males 24% 23%
Single Females 22% 19%
Homes With Kids 16% 18%
Household Size 2.0 2.1
Commute Time 27 min 27 min


The general attitude in Green Lake seems to be Get Off Your Lazy Bum, Son! The people here love to get outside, whether it’s just to walk to the library or grab dinner, or head down to Green Lake park for a run. There isn’t a huge nightlife scene here, although you could take country line dancing lessons at The Little Red Hen or catch a live band on Friday nights at the Latona Pub.

In general, the people are friendly and have an early-to-bed, early-to-rise lifestyle.

 Activities and Attractions

The obvious landmark here is that of the lake itself. The most popular activities include walking or jogging around the 2.8-mile track, renting kayaks, or playing in one of the many sports leagues that meet here. Also, if you happen to own a strange wheeled contraption, such as a unicycle or one of those bicycles-on-stilts, feel free to bring it on down! It might not be advertised, but we’re pretty sure there’s an unofficial contest for the weirdest wheels.

But wait, that’s not all! Why not golf a few holes at Green Lake Pitch n Putt? Even amateurs can find success at this course. Or, if you’re feeling lazy, try checking out the hidden Tangletown area. Once you’ve found your way through the maze of streets, you can grab a Mighty O doughnut, try the Seattle Dog at Hot Diggity, or have happy hour on the patio at the Elysian brewery.

But wait, that’s not all! Some of the oldest institutions here are located right on the lake. The Green Lake Library, a gorgeous old building, has prime real estate among the posh houses that overlook the lake. The Bathhouse Theater, built in 1927, hosts plays put on by the Seattle Public Theater.

That’s certainly not all, but we could go on all day. Most of the fun, after all, is finding your own favorite spots. Enjoy!

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