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Center of the Universe? Well doesn’t SOMEone have an over-exaggerated sense of themself? Fremont doesn’t get this moniker for nothing. They are, in fact, quite centrally located in the city of Seattle – located just North of Downtown and centrally positioned among most Seattle neighborhoods. Companies like Adobe Systems, Google, and Getty Images have chosen Fremont as their Seattle headquarters. With excellent restaurants, nightlife, a variety of living choices (homes, condos, townhomes) this is a great place to call home.


Flashback to 1891 and you would find 5000 early pioneers living here, with their own wood mill and a draw-bridge-free commute to downtown (this was pre-ship canal days, afterall). The early 1940s saw an end to rail and trolley service to the area, and sent the area into a bit of a lull. Neglect and low rents turned Fremont into an attractive option for artists and students in the 1960s – laying the groundwork for the funky and eclectic vibe still apparent today.

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Who Lives Here?

Makin' It Singles - Upper-scale urban singles.
Pre-middle-age to middle-age singles with upper-scale incomes. May or may not own their own home. Most have college educations and are employed in mid-management professions.
Bright Lights, Big City - Very mobile singles living in the city.
Singles ranging in age from early 20s to mid-40s who have moved to an urban setting. Most rent their apartment or condo. Some have a college education and work in services and the professional sector.
Carefree Urban Couples - Younger married couples without children.
Young childless couples living in the city. Most own their own homes. Education varies from high school to college with some holding mid-management positions.
Fremont Seattle
Median Household Income $44,354 $45,736
Owners/Renters 32%/68% 48%/52%
Median Age 36 37
Single Males 28% 23%
Single Females 27% 19%
Homes With Kids 11% 18%
Household Size 1.8 2.1
Commute Time 24 min 27 min


Come to Fremont if you feel the need for more excitement in your life. One glance at the neighborhood’s event calendar and you’ll see there is always a party here. The main business district has a huge variety of different eateries, a brewery, a chocolate factory, and access to one of the best sections of the Burke Gilman – right along the Ship Canal. Not to mention non-stop action at the Fremont Draw Bridge. There is a pretty decent hillside as you go up to 45th – so you can get a good calf workout as you take a deeper dive into the neighborhood to check out the gorgeous homes and off-the-beaten path businesses.

 Activities and Attractions

Fremont has a festival or event for all ages and lifestyles, including the Summer Solstice Parade (a colorful Mardi Gras-style parade with the famous rogue band of nekkid bicyclists), Oktoberfest, Outdoor Movies and First Friday Artwalk to name a few. Each Sunday, bargain hunters flock to the Fremont Sunday Street Market – a flea market / farmer’s market style gathering with food vendors too. In Fremont, you can take a tour of a chocolate factory, distillery, and brewery – all in one day! You can also grab an amazing sandwich at Paseos, eat a freshly made pie at Pie, slurp a bowl of Pho at Lucky’s, or sit down for creative Mexican cuisine and a killer margarita at el Camino. The creative vibe is still alive and well here, with great galleries, boutiques, an excellent statuary and garden shop, and a couple of antique stores. No one leaves Fremont without saying hi to the Troll, checking out what is accessorizing the Interurban sculpture , or blasting off the Rocket.  What’s not to love about the Center of the Universe?

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