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Like a kid in a candy store, glassybaby will bring out your inner child. Pretty colors! Flickering flames! I WANT ONNNNNNE! (or two or twenty).

What is a glassybaby? glassybaby, made here in Seattle, are small, deeply colored glass votives. Used for candlelight, drink holders, flower display, or general collection, they have caught on quickly and are now sold in other markets, and shipped around the world.

You can tuck into one of the Seattle retail shops to brighten a rainy day. The Madrona shop also fronts the studio where these little babies are made – so stop by and get an interesting tour – you can even host small events here.  Their stores in Seattle are open every day, and a portion of a select few Glassybabies are donated to very good causes.

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glassybaby are made by hand from glassybaby on Vimeo.