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Beecher's Cheese

Beecher’s Cheese

Here is a fantastic little cheese shop at Pike Place Market. Beecher’s Cheese sits front and center at the market, right on Pike Place, where you can press your nose up to the window to watch the art of cheese crafting. Step inside for a variety of samples, sit down for a bite at their small cafe, or load-up on your cheese needs.

Beecher’s produces an excellent selection of products – several flavors of hard cheese, spreadable cheeses, curds, and their “World’s Best” Mac & Cheese (recently featured as one of Oprah’s Favorite Things). Their shop at Pike Place Market also includes other cheeses from the Northwest and California, and items such as knives, books, and serving trays.

They have a great website too – with recipes, a blog, and tips from the cheesemonger.

“Two Days Ago This Cheese Was Grass” is their motto – local milk is trucked in several times a week to start the day-long process of making cheese. That is amazing! Good teamwork cows and cheesemakers!