South Lake Union’s Best Burger Competition

Sandwiched inside the excellent South Lake Union Block Party, the Best Burger Competition is not to be missed! For just $15, hungry attendees will get five sliders and a chance to win a $100 gift certificate. The competition is tough, …  Read More 

Mercer Island’s Adventure Playground

From our content partner, Red Tricycle: If you’re convinced M.C. Hammer actually penned the lyric “hammer time” with your kiddo in mind, then you’ve got to check out the Adventure Playground on Mercer Island.  Read More 

Seattle Tattoo Expo

Body art at its best and most unique is back for Seattle’s annual Tattoo Festival. Held at the Seattle Center’s Fisher Pavilion August 15-17, enthusiasts of the the art form (no matter the age) will think they’ve found paradise!  Read More 

Vashon Sheepdog Classic

If you have “watching herding in action” on your bucket list, then you’ll want to save August 22-25 on your calendar. The Vashon Sheepdog Classic is set for those four days, and the event promises a lot of bark, and maybe …  Read More 

Seafair and the Blue Angels

Whether you love ‘em or loathe ‘em, the big blue flying birds are back at Seafair this year. The big days are during Seafair weekend, August 1-3, so get ready for some thunderous practice runs a couple days before.  Read More 

Greenwood Street Soccer Tournament 2014

Get ready for the streets of Greenwood to shut down once again for the third annual Greenwood Street Soccer Tournament!  No matter what your level, or age, all are welcome at this fun and festive tournament. Adults can register for fun, …  Read More 

Loyal Heights Ice Cream Social

Looking for a friendly, neighborhood ice cream social? If so, stop by the Loyal Heights Community Center in Ballard, on Thursday, July 31st for some of the cold, creamy stuff!  Read More 

Miner’s Corner County Park

From our content partner, Red Tricycle: Having a long list of parks in your arsenal is a parenting must, especially during the long summer months. That’s why we’re super excited about Bothell’s newest (and coolest!) park.  Read More