Pacific Crest Trail Hiking Basics Class

If you’ve ever dreamt about strapping on those hiking boots and heading out on a big wilderness adventure, look no further than South Lake Union and REI. On April 22, they’ll be holding a class on the basics of hiking …  Read More 

Magnuson Series Earth Day Run

Get out there and celebrate nature in all its glory during the Magnuson Series Earth Day Run on April 19. There’s a run for all levels and ages – from a kid’s fun run, to a 5K, 10K or half-marathon.  Read More 

World Circus Day at SANCA

Did you know World Circus Day is almost upon us? Well, it is – and fortunately for us here in Seattle, we have SANCA – the School of Acrobatics and New Circus Arts in Georgetown.  Read More 

Ballard Jazz Festival 2014

Get ready to feel the groove and have a whole lot of fun when the Ballard Jazz Festival hits some of your favorite haunts this week! Whether you like old-school standards or cutting edge tunes, the festival will have you …  Read More 

Sushi Making and Saki Tasting

If you’re a big fan of Sushi, you might want to check out Chiso’s Sushi-making and Saki tasting class on April 26 in Fremont. Folks who attend this fun event will learn from Chiso’s owner and Sushi chef, Hirohiko Kirita, …  Read More 

Team Blitz Pub Crawl

Join some of your favorite NFL team mascots for a night of fun and revelry in Belltown in the name of the MS Society. The fifth annual Team Blitz Pup Crawl is happening on April 12 and promises to be an …  Read More 
rock creek

Rock Creek Ramble Ultra Run

If you are looking for a real hard workout and a sure-fire way to get in shape for spring break and summer, then get ready for the Rock Creek Ramble Ultra Run. Taking place at Escure Ranch in Eastern Washington, …  Read More