Diwali Lights

It’s a museum kind of season! This Saturday, November 1, folks can come together at the Asian Art Museum in Capitol Hill to celebrate India’s light-filled holiday, Diwali during the museum’s free first Saturday.  Read More 

Candy Buy-Backs for those Halloween Treats

From our content partner, Red Tricycle: Instead of trying to find creative ways to make your trick-or-treater’s candy disappear, consider putting the extra treats to good use by participating in the Halloween Candy Buy Back Program. Kids can trade their …  Read More 

Dia de Los Muertos Community Night Out TONIGHT

Okay, I know this is last-minute, but I just happened to be walking downtown through the Sculpture Park yesterday, and came across this event. Tonight, folks are encouraged to visit the Seattle Art Museum in honor of Dia de Los …  Read More 

Pop Departures

Get up close and personal with some of the most iconic imagery from the last 50 years. Pop Departures at the Seattle Art Museum downtown, looks at how the Pop Art movement of the 1960s transformed pop culture, mass media and …  Read More 

Green Seattle Day

Keep Seattle’s urban forests’ green! It’s as easy as taking part in a big day of volunteering on Saturday, November 8 for Green Seattle Day. Folks can register online and find out which participating park is nearest to you.  Read More 

The Wishing Tree

So, this is one of those things I’ve been witnessing all summer, but it took my husband to say “this is cool” for me to finally “get it.” The Wishing Tree is a simple idea: take a tree, tie twine …  Read More 

An Operatic Halloween

Just imagine a Halloween evening spent with some seriously costumed characters, eager to share their torments and trysts, desires and dreams. Sound captivating? If so, you’ll want to book your seat for the Seattle Opera’s performance of Don Giovanni.  Read More 

A Halloween Zombie Circus

Spend an evening with the living dead! Port Angeles’ Next Door Gastropub is pulling out all the stops (and arms, legs – no, not really) with their Halloween Zombie Circus on Halloween night. Party-goers should expect a frighteningly good time …  Read More 

PNB’s Director’s Choice

If you could get inside a director’s head and see what they really love, would you take it? If so, you’ll want to take part in the Pacific Northwest Ballet’s Director’s Choice performances.  Read More