Jazz at the Seattle Public Library

There’s no doubt, the Seattle Public Library is keeping folks entertained this fall. Next up? A way for you to check out some music with your books the next time you stop by.  Read More 

Book Sale!

You can never have too many books…unless you are a library. With this in mind, you might want to “bookmark” September 12-14, for the Friends of the Seattle Public Library’s book sale. Attendees will find more than 150,000 books and …  Read More 

Seattle Dahlia Society Annual Show

Don’t let your summer just fade away into fall without giving it one last look! During the weekend of September 6-7, folks can head to the Lake City Community Center to take in the Seattle Dahlia Society’s annual show.  Read More 

Seattle Busker Week

This September, delight in one of the quirkier and very city parts of Seattle: street musicians, a.k.a., buskers! Seattle Busker Week takes place September 14-20, and promises a wide array of fun and entertainment in and around downtown.  Read More 

Bellingham Beer Week

We know Seattle is bursting with craft breweries, so why not hightail it outta town and check out local suds somewhere else? Coming up September 12-21, Bellingham is celebrating the cold one with its Bellingham Beer Week.  Read More 

Quinault Walking Festival

Take a hike this September with the Quinault Walking Festival. This three-day event provides hikers with four different types of trails ranging from easy to difficult. Take a walk around Lake Quinault or go a little higher with a hike …  Read More 

The Great Wallingford Wurst Festival

Take a jaunt to Seattle’s Wallingford neighborhood the weekend of September 19-20. You’ll find yourself smack dab in the middle of St. Benedict’s 30th annual Great Wallingford Wurst Festival!  Read More 
big melt

The Big Melt

The Big Melt: where people who love their comfort food go to find their bliss. Seriously! The Big Melt is an inaugural festival all about the grilled cheese sandwich.  Read More 

Sweet Dreams a Tribute to Patsy Cline

Get acquainted with the not-so-distant past through music! Coming up on September 6-7, the Triple Door in downtown Seattle is putting on “Sweet Dreams,” a show of Patsy Cline melodies that is sure to be a knock-out couple of evenings.  Read More 


Make every move you make count this September! Take part in “Steptember,” a month-long fundraiser for kids with disabilities.  Read More