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This tiny residential area in northwest Bellevue makes up about one square mile between Highway 520 and the hustle and bustle of downtown Bellevue. It is an ideal location for people who want a quiet neighborhood that has easy access to highways and an urban center. And, due to zoning laws, the plots of land tend to be large and the houses new and spacious.


The first settler to claim land in the area that would become Clyde Hill was Patrick Downey, who in 1882 began clearing trees and farming crops like wheat, oats, potatoes, and strawberries. At this time, there were only about 20 families in the whole Bellevue region. Word of prosperity spread, and by the end of the century there were a whopping 254 people! The neighborhood wasn’t named until 1947, when the need for a more specific term for the region was needed at community club meetings. The unofficial term “Nanny-goat Hill” wasn’t quiet what they were looking for. Instead, they chose to name the hill after its main thoroughfare, Clyde Road. It has a slightly more urban sound, don’t you think?

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Who Lives Here?

Urban Power Families - High-income couples with children.
Six-figure salaried couples with children who live an upscale life in a metro center. Highly educated professionals working in finance, medical, and high-tech fields.
Power Singles - High-income urban singles.
Highly educated professionals, many with advanced degrees. They draw a handsome salary and have reasonable living expenses while living a hip, upscale life in an urban center.
Corporate Climbers - High-income, high-expense urban singles.
Urban singles with an up-and-coming income, but with higher-than-average living costs. Most have college educations and are employed in mid-management professions.
Suburban Elite - Suburban super-rich couples with children.
Middle-aged married couples with a luxurious lifestyle in the suburbs. More than 15% have a family income of $200,000 or more. The majority have a college or graduate school degree, and most own their homes.
High $$ DINKs - Urban high-income couples with no children.
Middle-age Dual Income No Kids couples living in the city and making very comfortable combined household incomes. Most own their own homes and are highly educated professionals, many with advanced degrees.
Clyde Hill
Median Household Income $132,468
Owners/Renters 96%/4%
Median Age 41
Single Males 7%
Single Females 7%
Homes With Kids 34%
Household Size 2.7
Commute Time 20 min

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